commercial and industrial epoxy floor coatings

Dear business owner,

Do you need the perfect flooring solution for your place  of business?

We can combine the aesthetics of a beautifully finished floor with the added benefits of Water, chemical and impact-resistant properties to give you the best of both worlds:

A high performance floor coating that perfectly blends with the design of your place of business and also meets strict quality requirements like safety and high hygienic standards.

If you need a special kind of concrete floor coating that meets certain requirements like hygienic properties, we can help!

Restaurant kitchen floors, breweries, cafeterias, grocery stores or food processing facilities are some of the types of businesses that need high standards with respect to their environment of operations.

Our floor coating systems are perfect for bars and taverns also.
At  Divine By Design Custom Concrete & Landscaping, our flooring systems are also easy to clean, non-toxic and adhere to the highest standards.

You end up with a seamless floor. Unlike tiles that contain joints filled with grout, keeping it clean of contaminants and humidity is very fast and easy to achieve.

If you deal with vehicles, various chemicals or heavy duty machinery, we have the solution to not only protect your floor but also ensure safety and security in your place of business.

Oil spills in a mechanics shop, commercial garage, indoor parking deck or loading dock lot can destroy the concrete floor and cause environmental damage and non compliance issues that can result in hefty fines, not to mention safety risks to employees or customers.

Car wash facilities can greatly benefit form our specialty coatings. The constant exposure of tire rubbing against the floor, high levels of humidity and cleaning chemicals not to mention oil and gas leaks from vehicles can damage the slab underneath.

High traffic areas can also benefit from our concrete commercial floor coatings.

From stores, shopping centers, malls, churches, offices, Restrooms and schools where a large number of people circulate can wreak havoc on concrete floors and damage the surface which leads to premature wear and tear.

If you need a high perfomrance epoxy or polyurethane solution for your concrete floor, then reach out to us.

Customer service and satisfction is what our business is all about.

Other high traffic areas that are perfect for these coatings are Ramps, Locker rooms, gyms and fitness centers, daycare centers.

Other benefits our commercial flooring solutions
is that they can absorb impacts and resist scratching saving you money in long term.

If looks and design are important for your place of business, like a car dealership showroom, hair beauty salon or even fitness club, we can do that too!

Our wide range of colors and design options can suit any style you want. A popular option amongst our customers is the metallic floor finish.

This look can be completely customized to match your ovevrall interior design look and give a beautiful finishing touch to your concrete floor.

We can also meet the needs of the health industry. medical clinics, hospitals and various healthcare and medical facilities have strict sanitary and hygienic requirements.

Because of the materials we use and the ease of maintenance, our commercial floor coatings are the perfect solution for your pharmacy, laboratory or veterinary facility.

From indoor parking decks to Kennels, we can offer real professional solutions for a wide variety of industries!

#1 for concrete surface coatings for commercial purposes

For High performance floor coatings, we primarily use epoxy, polyurethane, polyaspartics, …etc depending on the condition of the concrete floor or the working environment.

If you contact us, we can give a more precise evaluation of your needs.

We can refinish your floor with the right solution to fit your needs.

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