Residential epoxy flooring

Epoxy flooring has always been an excellent choice for a concrete floor, and it’s become even more popular in recent years.

It looks spectacular, can be customized to suit any design aesthetic, and it’s long-lasting.

At Divine by Design, we’ve been working with epoxy coatings on concrete floors since day one, and we’ve completed hundreds of beautiful projects.

Epoxy flooring is popular among commercial applications, including factories and pharmaceutical labs, and homeowners are also beginning to realize the benefits of this flooring surface as well.

Carpets get dirty and rip. Wood can warp or break. However, epoxy-coated concrete can look brand new for years.

Plus, there are endless color options and designs that allow you to have the floor of dreams, whether it’s in your basement, kitchen or garage.

Residential Epoxy Flooring

When people think of epoxy flooring, the first image that often comes to mind is a flaked floor coating that has multi-colored flakes or chips that are placed over the epoxy coating when the surface is still wet.

This decorative finish is only one of the several types of epoxy floors available to choose from.

There are several types to choose from, but they all have one thing in common: they provide a beautifully smooth surface, and you can easily customize how they look by selecting colors and different types of finishes.

There are even new epoxy systems that make the floors look three-dimensional, which is a new trend that’s becoming more widespread.

At Divine by Design, we are huge fans of epoxy flooring, and we believe it has five distinct advantages:

  • Protection from abrasion: If you drag furniture, appliances, tools in your workshop, etc. across the surface of the floor it won’t get damaged.
  • Easy to clean: Because of the smooth surface, it’s easy to clean. No dirt or gunk gets stuck or embedded in porous material or fabric. The surface after it’s cleaned will be clean enough to eat off of. There are also no joints, grout or seams that can trap dirt and grime. You’ll enjoy a smooth surface that you’ll love to look at.
  • Waterproof surface: These floors don’t absorb water. The finish also protects the concrete underneath, so it will last for years.
  • Protection from chemical abrasion. Chemicals eat away at the floor. Even innocuous liquids like the drippings from your home brewing hobby can eat away at a floor over time. With epoxy floors, unless you drop a vat of battery acid on the surface, you can expect it to maintain its finish for years.
  • Impact resistant. If your home, garage or basement has heavy foot traffic, especially in concentrated areas, other floor surfaces will show wear and tear. However, epoxy floors wear minimally, if at all.
  • Beautiful aesthetic. Choose any color you’d like. You can even opt for a metallic surface, a marble look or an NFL logo. You probably already have something in mind, and we’re happy to help you refine your vision.

Although epoxy floors create a beautiful surface, they can become an eyesore if they’re not done properly. When you choose to work with Divine by Design, we take the following precautions:

  • Careful surface preparation. We always grind or shot-blast the surface before any new installation. We also make sure every inch of the floor is cleaned thoroughly and dried. We eliminate all dust and dirt before getting started with laying the new surface.
  • Eliminate humidity. Not only do we ensure that the surface is completely dry, but we also check for any leaks, sources of dripping water, and even rising humidity from underground. These secret sources of humidity can cause a floor to deteriorate quickly if not identified and handled correctly.
  • Strong substrate surface preparation. A weak substrate could cause the epoxy surface to crack. For this reason, it’s critical to work with a licensed and professional concrete contractor like Divine by Design to ensure that the surface stays smooth and looks pristine for years.

For Basements

Basements can serve a variety of purposes. Whether they’re a laundry room, storage area or a man cave, having a good-looking for can really bring the space to life. Many homeowners avoid utilizing their basement. They view it as a dark, drab, dingy dungeon and it becomes a catch-all for miscellaneous household items.

Instead, why not upgrade your basement with a brand-new epoxy floor to make it sparkle and shine? Having a shiny new flooring surface can dramatically improve the appearance of a room. Often, basement floors are worn out or ugly due to water damage, neglect or wear and tear. However, an epoxy floor can restore the original surface to a brand-new luster that will look better than tile, carpet or plain concrete ever could.

For Garages

Similar to basements, garage floors are often neglected. However, most of us are in our garages quite a bit! If you park your car in the garage, you’re probably in that part of your house multiple times per day. And, if your garage is also a workshop or hobby area, you’re spending even more time in there.

Garage-based hobbies can get messy. Chemicals from cars, machinery, and tools can permanently damage a plain floor, but a properly applied epoxy coating will ensure that your garage floor surface is protected and looking new for years to come. No more unsightly oil stains from that leaky valve gasket cover!

If you’ve taken the time to set up a workspace in your garage, then it shows that you care about this part of your home and you value the time you spend here. It can be tragic to invest time and money into a premium cabinetry and organization tools only to look down at a dirty, cracked floor that never comes clean no matter how much you sweep or mop it. If you want to maximize the enjoyment of your garage and make it a source of pride when you show it to your guests and fellow hobbyists, start with the floor.

Ready to upgrade your space with a new epoxy floor? Get in touch with Divine By Design Custom Concrete & Landscaping today for a complimentary quote.

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